Thirty-something schoolteachers, Anthony & Stephanie Ciuffo bought the Fulton model at HillCrest Village.

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“Our friends, Keith and Vanessa were one of the first buyers at HillCrest,” said Anthony.  “When our second son was born, we decided it was time to purchase, and we chose HillCrest too.  What you get in the standard package here is much better than other subdivisions we saw.  There’s a lot to do in Southington; the school district is good, and last month my gas bill was only $29.”


According to Anthony, “Our friends Dan and Megan were renting, and when they got pregnant, they decided to purchase a home just three houses down from us.  And my wife, Stephanie is encouraging one of her teaching colleagues to buy here too.  They’ve been back twice.”

Millennials and empty nesters have a lot in common.  Both young couples and empty nesters favor new, smaller size homes, and HillCrest Village buyers are split right down the middle between millennials and empty nesters.

In a repeat of 1940’s neighborhoods, where grandparents lived down the street from their grandchildren, the parents of two young expectant couples at HillCrest Village have purchased homes at HillCrest too.  They plan to help out with their new grandchildren.